Updates — To the moon!

  1. $DBK Farming on Rocket Bunny — 11th June
  2. Release of vested DBK for IDO participants — 9th June
  3. Listed on CMC — Surprise! 7th June
  4. Testing of voting mechanism — Snapshot.org

$DBK Farming

  • Dbook has partnered up with Rocket Bunny on the creation of $DBK farming pools on Rocket Drop!
    (Use this link for now http://drop.rocketbunny.io/bsc3.html)
  • APR will be announced when the pool commences.
  • Farm $DBK by staking your $DBK, and $PBOM LP

Release of vested DBK for IDO participants

  • 75% of the $DBK allocated has been distributed to all IDO participants!
  • The final batch of vested $DBK will be distributed on 23rd June.

CMC Listing

  • Really unplanned.
  • We’ve submitted $DBK listings to as many places as possible to get our name out there.
  • Hopefully more stuffs to come!

Test vote — Snapshot.org

  • We’ve created a test vote event on Snapshot. Check it out here!
  • Voting will not cost any BNB or DBK in your wallet. Your wallet will be required to connect to the Snapshot page, so that your wallet, holding $DBK, will be allowed to sign on proposals.
  • A good chance for everyone to be familiarized with the voting process in the future

Telegram: https://t.me/dbookdao

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DbookDAO; Distributed Platform Ownership

DbookDAO; Distributed Platform Ownership

Telegram: https://t.me/dbookdao

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