Hi everyone! So, if you’ve noticed, we had quite a few things going on last week! A few of them planned, and some of them unplanned surprises.

  1. $DBK Farming on Rocket Bunny — 11th June
  2. Release of vested DBK for IDO participants — 9th June
  3. Listed on CMC — Surprise! 7th June
  4. Testing of voting mechanism — Snapshot.org

So I guess, We’ll just do a TLDR of all updates here!

  • Dbook has partnered up with Rocket Bunny on the creation of $DBK farming pools on Rocket Drop!
    (Use this link for now http://drop.rocketbunny.io/bsc3.html)
  • APR will be announced when the pool commences.
  • Farm $DBK by staking your $DBK, and $PBOM LP
  • 75% of the $DBK allocated has been distributed to all IDO participants!
  • The final batch of vested $DBK will be distributed on 23rd June.
  • Really unplanned.
  • We’ve submitted $DBK listings to as many places as possible to get our name out there.
  • Hopefully more stuffs to come!
  • We’ve created a test vote event on Snapshot. Check it out here!
  • Voting will not cost any BNB or DBK in your wallet. Your wallet will be required to connect to the Snapshot page, so that your wallet, holding $DBK, will be allowed to sign on proposals.
  • A good chance for everyone to be familiarized with the voting process in the future

This week will be slightly less eventful, as the team will be working very closely and do a final sprint before our operation launch! We’ll still be active in our group chats as much as we can.

In fact, we’re looking to get everyone into our new Telegram group here! This is so that we can have direct communications with the community that matters and have a stake in the project.

Thank you!