Updates — The Beginning

Hi everyone! Sorry, we’ve been busy with some urgent work after our IDO and didn’t promptly update the community on the latest status.

Now we’re here to provide a list of updates, on what’s happened, happening, and going to happen!

What happened?

  • Ended our IDO — we did not achieve our target, and so, we’ll be burning some leftover $DBK in the near future. More news will be announced.
  • Commenced some marketing initiatives early on by ensuring $DBK will be on as many places as possible, such as the popular CMC, CoinGecko, and others. Please check out our Telegram group and help our community managers with the votes required for some of the platforms!
  • Still cleaning up and preparing for $DBK distributions for IDO participants, Airdrop participants, and bounty winners! So, here’s a list of distribution dates for all to take reference on!
  • We’ve changed our website domain during the IDO period. The new site has been updated in all possible social media domains.

What’s happening now!

  • We’ve taken out some BUSD for various upcoming expenses, such as protocol audit, development backpay. We’ll be expected to draw a few more expenses in the upcoming days for marketing purposes on our upcoming product launch!
  • We’re looking to hire a few positions to help us cope with the upcoming launches and development in the near future.
  • We’ll begin our protocol audit with Solidity.finance soon! Once the audit is completed and passed, we’ll be able to commence staking within DbookDAO soon!
  • Developments and upgrades on the games are still ongoing!
  • Currently, DbookDAO is running on Eth-Kovan testnet. The next test pool will start in approximately 24 hours. If you’d like to try out how staking will be like, please head over to https://t.me/dbkbugbounty and drop your address there! We’ll then some you some test $DBK on Kovan Testnet, to be staked on the testnet application. This will allow the new $DBK community to get familiar with our protocol before the real staking starts!
  • Our fund guardian application is active now! For all interested, please check this form out!

So, what’s next?

  • We’ll be doing some marketing for $DBK, and try to do at least 1 AMA each month on a promising community outside of Dbook.
  • Partnerships announcement to be made in the next 2 weeks!
  • Our product launch marketing will also commence 2 weeks before the launch! A launch date will be announced in the near future!
  • We’ll also be looking to commence our bounty campaigns in the near future! Community members can be rewarded with $DBK when participating and winning our bounties!