Hi everyone! We’ve been working tirelessly the past 3 weeks, getting things in order for our operation launch, the initial design of new products, and so on.

We’re nowhere near done, and this is just the start.

So, some of the stuff we’ve done quietly last week:

  1. Working on smart contract protocol as per the advice provided by our auditors.
  2. Some preparatory work and discussions on the launch of operations
  3. Designing and planning of new games launch in the near future
  4. Exploration of the prediction platform ideas and ways of implementation in the near future
  5. New fund guardians replacing the old guards of the DbookDAO Treasury.

We’ll be launching our operation via DGames and DLuck on Telegram! DGames will be the home for Baccarat, and other future card games, or games of skill, while DLuck will be the home for Dice, DBoard — our scratchcard game and other entertaining games for all to pass the time!

We’ll be having a soft launch on 29th June — 11 am (UTC), and our actual launch on 4th July — 3 pm (UTC). We’ll be having attractive bonuses for all customers starting from the soft launch to kick start the launch!

So, this week will be another busy week to ensure that we have a successful and hiccup-free operation launch! Our protocol audit should be completed sometime this week as well.

Some of the things to look forward to this week for the $DBK community!

  • Audit completion
  • Final vesting period for IDO participants — 23rd June
  • Announcement on leftover $DBK from IDO

Thank you!