Sorry to keep everyone waiting! It has been a busy week, from sorting out potential bugs on DGames to filtering qualified $KovanDBK airdrop distribution and also further development of our Telegram bot to bring more games and activities to everyone!

So a quick recap:

  1. DGames soft-launched a week ago. Deposits currently open for USDT — TRC20 and ERC20
  2. The referral link for DGames is available now. Referral-related bonuses will be available for all in the future.
  3. Dbook Butler revamped. More user-friendly and easier to use.
  4. New bounties launched for our next game on trial, DiceDiceDice!
  5. $KovanDBK airdrop recipients to be consolidated. Qualified recipients will be receiving their $KovanDBK starting from 15th March.
  6. Combot on our community group is clearing inactive accounts, so please check in once in a while so Combot doesn’t sweep you away. If you’re cleared, you might miss out on airdrops and other live bounties we put up.


To not keep our community from waiting, Dbook Platform has decided to distribute airdrops in multiple batches. $KovanDBK will be distributed initially as the Dbook Protocol is still not on the main net yet.

In the near future, when Dbook Protocol is ready for main net deployment, all $KovanDBK recipients will also receive $DBK on the main net.

$KovanDBK will be distributed on Kovan Testnet to all qualified recipients. $KovanDBK can also be used for staking, and $StableDBK will be distributed as staking rewards. $StableDBK can be used to exchange for USDT at a later stage, so, please make sure to store your $StableDBK properly.

So basically, the earlier you qualify for the airdrop and receive $KovanDBK, you get a head start, and potentially receive more rewards to be distributed via our profit distribution pool.

Airdrop $KovanDBK

As mentioned before, $KovanDBK will be distributed to no more than 300 participants.

The qualified participants have been confirmed. Qualified recipients have been chosen from the following criteria:

  1. Eth address and Twitter handle submitted to Dbook Butler
  2. Testers of Dbook Protocol on Kovan network. (To stake at least once)
  3. All previous bounty, quizzes, and winners of our random polls and AMAs.
  4. Active community members in our Telegram groups

$KovanDBK Clubhouse

A new and exclusive Telegram group (DBK Clubhouse) will be created for all $KovanDBK recipients. Meaningful discussions will be held in the group, as well as voting sessions that decide the direction of the Dbook Platform.

Bounties will also be distributed in the clubhouse group for contributions from the members of the exclusive group, such as community management of the various groups we have, necessary marketing on other platforms, good suggestions, participating in important key polls, and many more!

The main purpose of this clubhouse group is to allow our active community members to be able to contribute more to the Dbook Platform under a conducive environment. Other than that, it can be a group that allows all $KovanDBK holders to support one another.


As our community grows, we have all sorts of characters coming into the community.

It becomes extremely difficult to manage, as some only come in for the $DBK airdrop, and grows rude when they don’t read, or misunderstands what’s happening.

It’s taking a toll on the community managers, and thus, with the support of the community, we’ve decided to come up with a ‘blacklist’.

Members whose particulars are entered in the ‘blacklist’, will not be eligible for the airdrop, but still eligible for the bounties.

So, please be nice in our community. Do not go hostile with the community members or managers. Make sure you try to read and ask your questions nicely in the group.

Some kinds of stuff that’ll get you into the list:

  1. Spamming in the group — as long as it’s irritating
  2. Suspected double-dip attempts on bounties and airdrop
  3. Going hostile and unreasonable
  4. Harassment
  5. And other acts that represent negativity

Dbook Platform is growing rapidly ⚡️⚡️💨 and we have different groups setup for different purposes.

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