Hi everyone! Time for some updates!

It was a fairly messy week, even as the IDO concluded. Hopefully, we’ll be able to clean up everything in this post.

Result of IDO

We managed to raise 630 BNB out of the target 764.1 BNB. There was an initial miscalculation from the day of listing, and so, a portion of the proceeds was refunded to Crosspad.

And so, using this result, we’re 82.4% on our IDO and 17.6% short. With this result, we’ll be burning the unsold $DBK allocated for IDO, and 17.6% of team allocation will also be burned to ensure the balance of tokenomics in the future.

Currently, the unsold $DBK allocation is still held in Crosspad. A date will be announced later for all required $DBK to be burned.

So, what’s next?

The team and some avid community volunteers are helping with some initial marketing and listing procedures.

And so, it has been a very busy and crazy week even as the IDO ended. Rigi will be available in the community groups to answer questions as much as possible, and we’ll be updating our progress as much as we can over here in Medium!

Thank you!