Hi everyone! We’ve been busy with DbookDAO recently, resulting in a slower update.

But in any case, we’ve quite a few things going on at DbookDAO right now.

  1. Fund Guardians have been shortlisted. Fund Guardians will be confirmed once the community has no objections to any of the shortlisted Fund Guardians
  2. Gnosis Safe BSC has been created for DbookDAO funds.
  3. Airdrop tax to be collected from all airdrop recipients in order to receive their $DBK on BSC Main net in the near future
  4. We’ve decided to migrate Dbook Platform Protocol to the BSC network when launching on the main net.
  5. Due to the low participation in airdrops, we’ve decided to stop the airdrop temporarily, and explore options for a $DBK presale again.

Gnosis Safe — DbookDAO Treasury

To keep things easier, Gnosis Safe is used by many projects as a decentralized form of governance. DbookDAO will use Gnosis Safe, coupled with our Community Fund Guardians.

Basically, fund guardians will execute decisions that require funds to be withdrawn from the Treasury and distributed to the team.

Gnosis is the preferred option for some well-known protocols out there such as : Yearn, SushiSwap, Synthetix, Balancer, mStable, PoolTogether, dHedge, BrightID, Stakewise, EPNS, and of course GnosisDAO.

Airdrop Tax

The consensus was, each DbookDAO member, who owns $KovanDBK right now, will need to contribute an airdrop tax.

Initially, this was created to reduce the team expenses on airdrop. However, this is no longer the case since we’re moving to BSC instead of the originally planned Eth main net launch.

However, we’re keeping this airdrop tax arrangement for the following reasons.

  1. To ensure that double-dippers who have multiple wallets distributed with $KovanDBK pay tax for all wallets if they wish to receive their $DBK on BSC Main net
  2. We want the community to understand, we only want the highest caliber of community in DbookDAO. We do not wish to carry forward a community of ‘spoilt’ airdrop hunters into our future phase.
  3. We’re also using this opportunity to leave out inactive community members who’re just with us, thinking that $DBK is just another airdrop project, which they will ‘collect and dump’ later when we get listed somewhere.

Of course, this would mean that some good community members will be left out as not all community members can afford the airdrop tax.

To solve this issue, we’re allowing some contributors to contribute ‘slightly’ more tax, in order to cover a few contributing members who will not be able to pay for the tax.

DbookDAO members who receive the sponsorships of other community members will need to provide 1 $DBK to the sponsor.

There will be an extremely limited number of community members eligible for sponsorships, depending on availability. Community members with an acceptable level of reputation will be prioritized for the sponsorships.

Migration to BSC

BSC is also more Eth friendly with their ‘bridges’. So, if one day, Eth becomes a viable option again, we’ll be happy for $DBK to exist in multiple chains.

With ETH, unstaking and staking events might cost a minimum of $90 in gas cost. It’ll probably cost less than 5% of that in BSC at the moment.

Opening up of DbookDAO community

We’ve also been posting some decisions and explanations on our Twitter.

Please check out our Twitter and follow us!

We’ll be announcing the opening up of the DbookDAO community in the next few days on Telegram as well!

Community members will be able to show their love for DbookDAO, and maybe even earn some rewards in $DBK before the airdrop.

So I guess that’s all the updates we have at the moment.

We’re still working on our NFT designs and our NFT games structure.

Going to be another busy week for DbookDAO!

Have a good week everyone!