Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well!

I’d like to thank everyone for being around, and reading our posts from the very start. It has been a long way for Dbook, with many ups and downs along the way.

The development of Dbook has been going smoothly, and we’re trying to accelerate some of our developments.

Staking has been going on for a few weeks on DbookDAO.com as well, and everyone in the community is slowly getting used to it.

Hence, from this point on, we will be concentrating solely on the development of our products as our DbookDAO capability is fairly established, with voting and staking on at the moment.

Updates from this point on will be mainly on our existing products, product MVP showcase, and product-related posts. Please don’t worry, Rigi will still be around in Telegram, and Rigi will still be taking charge of the Twitter account for DbookDAO. All future protocol updates will be done on our Telegram announcement channel and Twitter.

See you guys around!