Updates — Bounty updates

  1. Due to some changes and unforeseen circumstances, we have to cancel 2 bounty campaigns : Twitter campaign & Voting campaign.
  2. Considering the involvement of the community, and the polls taken from the community. $DBK will be airdropped to 2000 participants
  3. Community manager contest started — with 4 CMs already shortlisted
  4. We’re very close to the launch of DBK beta trial. Some community members have already tried out our Baccarat game on Telegram.

Addressing the updates

  • Cancellation of Twitter and Voting campaigns

We’ve realized that most of the community in Twitter has been ‘copy and pasting’ their comments from others. The campaign was supposed to encourage innovation and how some of our community can express themselves.

Thus, we’ve decided to cancel the campaign entirely.

As for the Voting campaign, it’s unfortunate that the polls conducted so far, has been anonymous due to restrictions of Telegram unaware by the team.

The bounty amount for both campaigns will be reassigned in the near future.

  • 2000 participants to receive $DBK Airdrop

From the poll conducted earlier, participants had preferred to have 8000 participants to be included in the airdrop, followed by a second favorite of 2000 participants.

Considering the low number and activity of participants in our Telegram groups, it doesn’t make sense for 8000 participants to receive the airdrop, when the Telegram group only has slightly more than 6000 participants at the moment.

Thus, 2000 participants, each receiving 4 $DBK(Worth 0.24 Eth) will be more lucrative for the community, and truly rewarding the active participants.

  • Community Manager contest

Community manager contest started on last weekend. Many have claimed, ‘I want to be a CM!’, but few really stepped up.

The shortlisting of CM has been challenging so far. We hope for more involvement from all, and hopefully, we can have a healthy number of shortlisted CMs in the near future.

Each CM will be rewarded with 3 $DBK(worth 0.18 Eth) each. There will be a minimum of 3 CM to be selected from the shortlist.

  • Launch of beta trial on test net

We’re very close, and finishing off some required checks and updates before launching our beta trial on the test net.

In fact, a small contest was conducted and 3 $DBK rewarded to 3 different winners of the Baccarat game trial.

The race to Game#5000 is still ongoing right now. With 5 $DBK to be rewarded to 2 winners.

To participate in the Baccarat Race to #5000, join https://t.me/baccarattrialdbk for more information.

With the launch, the bug bounty will officially begin as well. More details will be shared at the launch of the beta trial.

The article below will be updated as accordingly with changes to the bounty campaigns