Dbook Platform will be distributing $KovanDBK to all qualified Airdrop II recipients shortly after this post.

With unexpected low participation on the bounties created, we’ve decided to end the bounties and proceed with Airdrop II with the current bounty winners.

Dbook Platform will focus on the marketing of DGames and DLuck gaming products to the market shortly and will postpone Airdrop III until a further date.

To promote Dbook Platform meaningfully, either on $DBK or on our games like DGames and DLuck, results will be very important. This means, it will be more important for us to deliver results to current $KovanDBK holders, and prove that we’re going to be here for a long time, as a business and as a service/entertainment provider.

We will hope to achieve our first significant revenue in the near future, and conduct our profit distribution via staked $KovanDBK. By successfully doing this, it will provide Dbook Platform with the credibility needed, better than any form of marketing and shilling.

We will continue to provide frequent updates here on Dbook Platform. But we’re sorry because we’ll be disappointing many others who’re still hoping to receive their $KovanDBK. We hope to build a tight-knitted community, and that’s why we’re being very selective of Airdrop recipients being active, or participates in bounty.

We hope that, with further development on our core operation and revenue-generating activities, Dbook Platform will entice more fans moving forward, be it as users who enjoy our games, or users who’re keen to be a part of our $DBK community.

To all Airdrop I and II recipients, thank you for your support! We will see you in the Clubhouse group soon!

To the rest of you out there, watch out for us! And we’ll be back to bring you into our community again soon!

Here’s the list of members who’ve been whitelisted for the Clubhouse group! Check out the link here!

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