By the time you see this post, our first tranche of $KovanDBK would have already been completed.

277 unique address has been chosen for the $KovanDBK airdrop. Some of them are already in our new Telegram group called the $DBK Clubhouse.

We hope to see more community members there in the near future when we conclude our Airdrop II!

Airdrop II

  1. Recipients of $KovanDBK on Airdrop I will not be eligible for Airdrop II. However, the bounty campaign will still be opened for all. — If a recipient of Airdrop I wins a bounty reward again, distribution will take place with Airdrop II distribution.
  2. Only bounty participants, winners, and community contributors will qualify for Airdrop II
  3. Current running bounty — DGames rollover, Dice 3 of a kind, and remaining slots for testers.
  4. New bounty campaigns will be announced shortly!

Why didn’t I qualify?

So, some transparency on how we determine the qualifying factors.

  1. Filling up your details with our Dbook Butler. — Basically, we need your eth address there for us to distribute $KovanDBK to you.
  2. Bounty winners — Some bounty winners did not qualify for Airdrop I simply because their details were not submitted to our Dbook Butler.
  3. Test $DBK participants — Some testers requested for test $DBK but did not participate in any testing. We’ve only taken addresses of participants who participated in the first 2 rounds of test staking. So, some who only participated in the 3rd round did not qualify, and obviously, those who did not know what to do with their test $DBK wouldn’t qualify as well.
  4. Suspected/Confirmed blacklistees — these users have been blacklisted, either from suspected or confirmed cheating behaviors. Users with bad conduct on the group will also be blacklisted.
  5. Group activity — Most community members simply joined our groups and filled in their details with Dbook Butler. But that won’t be enough to qualify you for airdrops. You might not be available to participate in our bounties, but activities in our community group chat will be taken into account as well. So, users who simply came in and said ‘Hi’ once, you’re definitely not going to qualify now, or in future.

To all potential Airdrop II recipients in the near future,

Please stay tuned to our bounties, and remember to fill up your details with Dbook Butler again. We’ve erased all collected data, so if you’d like to qualify for Airdrop II or even win some bounty rewards, please fill in your data with Dbook Butler (

Try to stay active in the group to avoid getting booted by Combot. Combot boots community members who’re inactive in the community group for more than 30 days.

Dbook Platform is growing rapidly ⚡️⚡️💨 and we have different groups setup for different purposes.

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