Partnership — Dbook x Rocket Bunny

Hi everyone! We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Rocket Bunny!


Rocket Bunny is a well-established cross-chain project in terms of development. They have developed many products on their own ecosystem, such as Rocket Drop, which we’ll be working with initially. They also have an upcoming product called Pocket Swap, which will enable leveraged liquidity for tokens listed on it. The native tokens of Rocket Bunny are $BUNNY and $PBOM. (ERC-20 and BEP-20)

Rocket Drop will be creating multiple farming pools rewarded $DBK. So, $DBK, $PBOM, and $PBOM LP holders will be able to stake their tokens and receive $DBK as farming rewards. The pool supporting $DBK staking will also have at least 60% of the rewards.

Each farming pool will last for 30 days, and new pools will be created again to allow $DBK farming on Rocket Drop!

This partnership enables $DBK holders to perform long-term staking options, which allows $DBK holders to get more $DBK before our profit-distribution stage starts! More $DBK now, more profits later!

$DBK farming will begin on 11th June 2021! Follow us at our Telegram community and channel to get the latest updates!

The following farming pools will be supported:

  1. Stake $DBK — Reward $DBK
  2. Stake $PBOM — Reward $DBK
  3. Stake $PBOM LP — Reward $DBK

To learn more about our amazing partner!

Rocket Bunny Pocket Bomb
Telegram Community
Rocket Drop (Farm $DBK here!)