In every startup, one of the worst fear is creating something that nobody wants to use. And when this happens, founders like myself will need to pivot fast, or risk sinking into oblivion and disappointing everyone in the community.

Dbook Platform has been a very good project, and by far, one of my favorite. There were many challenges from the start to the beginning, and even till now. Sometimes, we overcome the challenges, sometimes we sidestep from them, and other times, we turn back to our base and go back to the drawing block to come up with a new plan.

I’d like to thank everyone who’s reading this, for being a part of the Dbook Platform journey.

And so, we’ve planned for $DBK to be something else in a 2 part plan. We’ll ensure that all $DBK token holders will be treated fairly during this phase for a better day!

Polygon Integration

We’ll be shifting $DBK to Polygon, and we want to invite everyone for the swap as we plan to move away from BSC temporarily. $DBK will be untradeable for the time being on Polygon.

We encourage all long-term holders to proceed with the $DBK migration to Polygon before we proceed with Phase 2 of our plans.

Liquidity of $DBK/BNB on PancakeSwap will be removed in the near future, and shifted to Polygon at Phase 2.

By the time you’re reading this, we’ve taken a snapshot of how many $DBK you have in your respective wallet. Do let us know if your $DBK is still in staking smart contracts, and we’ll guide you on what to do.

The snapshot will determine the maximum possible $DBK you can migrate to Polygon. So, please do not purchase more $DBK at this point, as the capped is already determined with the snapshot.

Simply send all your $DBK to our DbookDAO Treasury, and we’ll proceed to airdrop a similar amount of $DBK to your Polygon wallet.

  1. Fill in this form.
  2. Send all $DBK to DbookDAO Treasury
  3. Wait for your $DBK to be distributed on Polygon within 48 hours.

NOTE: Do not buy more $DBK now

  1. The maximum amount of $DBK to be airdropped will be determined by the snapshot amount. — If you have 500 $DBK in your wallet at the time of the snapshot, that will be the highest possible $DBK you will receive on Polygon.
  2. The minimum amount of $DBK to be airdropped will be determined by the amount sent to the DbookDAO Treasury. — If you have 500 $DBK in your wallet at the time of the snapshot, decides to sell 250 $DBK, and send the remaining 250 $DBK to DbookDAO Treasury, you will only receive 250 $DBK on Polygon.
  3. Please only perform one transaction to DbookDAO Treasury. Multiple transactions might be overlooked, which might lead to lost $DBK on Polygon.