Update on 17th May 2021:

We’ll be doing our IDO with CrossPad. More details will be posted. This post will be updated with the latest relevant content to prevent any confusion later.

The Protocol

Dbook Platform is a distributed platform ownership project. The initial business operation will be a gaming bot that supports the use of stablecoins. A bot will be created on Telegram, allowing users to place bets on our games without the need to register for an account, or even going into a browser for actions, allowing more freedom for our future users who might want to be discreet in their gaming/betting activities.

Profit incurred from the operations will be distributed to a profit pool, where $DBK holders can stake their $DBK and receive profits in stablecoins like USDT, USDC, and so on.

$DBK holders will receive profits in the profit distribution pool whenever the operation incurs a profit. Every week, profits will be deposited into the distribution pool. However, in the event where the operation suffers a loss, funds will be borrowed from the treasury. Funds borrowed will be used to ensure the liquidity of the operation, ensuring all users that the operation has the required funds to process withdrawals. Operation performance data will be made available to all $DBK holders on the Dapp dashboard. Borrowed funds will also be returned to the treasury, using available profits in future. This is to ensure the overall health and liquidity of the operation in the long run.

Staking $DBK

There will be two distinct staking pools, with the possible addition of more in the future.

$DBK holders can stake their $DBK and claim for profits. Profits will be rewarded exponentially across 5 days each week. In order to receive maximum rewards, $DBK tokens will need to be staked for the entire 5 days duration every week. Those who do so will be greatly rewarded.

Aside from staking $DBK, liquidity providers on Uniswap may also stake their LP tokens to continue receiving profits. The staking mechanism for $DBK is somewhat similar to the Geyser program of Ampleforth.

Getting $DBK


Portions allocated for contributors’ allocation will be locked in DbookDAO Treasury, only to be released every month across 10 years.

Contributors’ allocations can be used for rewarding constructive contributions from the community now and future, for the next 10 years. When the community grows, distribution volume and manner will be decided by the community through voting.

Another portion of the $DBK to be locked up will be allocated for the founding team. The founding team will be taking up 15% of the entire portion, and the remaining to be distributed to future team members.

Every team member will need to go through 3 years locking period, followed by 7 years vesting period.

This ensures the longevity of Dbook Platform, and signifies the intention to be around for a long time, with or without the current founding team.

Further governance of the team allocation can be proposed and voted by the $DBK token holders when necessary.

Airdrops (Airdrop campaign is closed since April 2021)

A portion of $DBK will be distributed via airdrops to members of the community. This would allow the community to know what $DBK is about, and truly understand how $DBK will operate as compared to other existing DeFi projects.

More details of airdrop qualification will be disclosed at a later stage.

Dbook x CrossPad IDO

$DBK will be available for sale on CrossPad during our IDO. More details will be shared in the near future!


Our short-term roadmap

Dbook 101

Dbook101–10% for airdrops should be changed to 10% for airdrops, bug bounty, and IDO sales. Everything is accurate aside from that.

Why $DBK?