$DBK Educational Series — Staking

Rocket Drop


  1. A staking period will last 7 days
  2. Staking will only be allowed in the first 48 hours when the staking pool opens.
  3. A minimum staking period of 24 hours will be applied when $DBK is staked.
  4. A user will need to unstake and claim for the rewards at the end of each staking pool.
  1. The unstake button will be available until the start of the next pool.
  2. There is a countdown timer to the staking time. So, if staking is ‘closed’, you’ve missed the staking window.
  3. If you’ve been away for a long time, and sure that your $DBK is in one of the staking pools, you’ll be able to query it by interacting with our smart contract on bscscan.io #safu
  4. The staking pool ends by a certain time. When the pool ends, you’ll no longer be rewarded, so it’s time to unstake and wait for the next staking pool.
  5. The base rate basically shows the reward per DBK staked on every second. So, it’s clearer than APY and definitely more accurate.

Telegram: https://t.me/dbookdao

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DbookDAO; Distributed Platform Ownership

DbookDAO; Distributed Platform Ownership

Telegram: https://t.me/dbookdao

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