$DBK Educational Series #3 — Vision and Mission

Hi everyone! We’re still in the midst of planning for our presale and so, this might be a good time to educate our community about some of the things that we have.

It can be confusing following us at Dbook Platform. And it’s understandably so because we cater to 2 target audiences here: $DBK holders and players.

$DBK holders

  • voting rights
  • stake to claim for profit
  • owns $DBK


  • customers
  • no voting rights, stake, nor $DBK

So, sometimes it can be confusing. But one should clearly identify themselves as either a ‘player’ or a $DBK holder. We’ve been trying to segregate the marketing attempts and will continue to do so after our presale with a clear marketing plan.

In this series, we’ll be sharing with every reader why we wanted to start Dbook Platform, which will form our vision and mission for Dbook Platform.

Our Vision

  • To create a convenient, yet private and discreet gaming experience for our players — a leader in decentralized gaming and prediction platform that’s inclusive for all, including users who may not be familiar with cryptocurrency.
  • To give back to society, by nurturing minds and educating the mass public — Contributing to the society, and influencing the community positively with decentralization.

Through decentralization, many problems can be solved in the future, from donations and corruption that affects fiscal disruption, integrity issues from organizations and corporations, knowledge sharing, and many more.

In Dbook, we hope to change the landscape of decentralized gaming. Current models of decentralized gaming allow players to place bets on smart contracts and payout accordingly. However, as a business, it will be challenging to reveal how much capacity a gaming operation has, and if an operation has what it takes to pay out its players. This is a general concern among the communities, where scams are prevalent these days, and not knowing who to trust.

In Dbook, we’re tackling decentralized gaming in a different way. As part of our protocol, we have our ‘base’ smart contract which acts as an automated treasury for operations. The ‘base’ smart contract is transparent for all, and so, players can take a look at our ‘coffers’ and ensure that we have what it takes to pay out their winnings.

Aside from being transparent, another feature of what we do at Dbook is to allow our players to enjoy their gaming activities in a discreet and privacy-focused manner. So, we’ll never require our players to provide personal information, and our games to remain accessible on daily applications such as Telegram. We’ll also be providing other services which will allow non-cryptocurrency users to enjoy our services, through our affiliation programs and alternative solutions to be implemented in the future.

Funds held in our ‘base’ smart contract will only be used for gaming operations. Our DBKAPI created on Chainlink will be monitoring the current operation health of Dbook Platform, checking if we’re in profit, or in a loss, and the value for each status.

At specific times, the ‘base’ will query DBKAPI on the current status. In the event where Dbook Platform is in profit, nothing will happen. However, when Dbook Platform is suffering a loss, funds will be released to our operation hot wallet. A cap will be implemented on the number of funds that can be released each time from the ‘base’

This function is created so that, Dbook Platform will have the capability to pay out all players, in the event where all players decide to withdraw their funds in their wallet all at the same time. This also creates a form of transparency, from us to our players, and a strong step towards decentralized gaming and operation.

Please bear in mind that, the ‘base’ smart contract is only used for operations, which means it only affects the players and not $DBK holders.

This is one of the key reasons why Dbook Platform was created. We all hear about the news when promising startups get funded by corporations and VCs. However, these startups will be required to turn revenue or profit under immense pressure and helping the community at the same time. In the best-case scenario, that happens and everyone wins. However, there are startups or organizations that look for donations instead of funding to remain alive and helping the community.

There will always be terms and conditions when receiving someone’s money, be it a VC, crowdfunding platform, or even donations from organizations. This includes Dbook Platform. When we receive your contribution from our presale, we have to ensure that you get your $DBK, and work our ass off to ensure that you get a good value and set out to do what we promised, which is to turn a revenue, start distributing profits to all $DBK stakers and allowing $DBK holders to be decisive in the future directions of Dbook Platform.

However, in Dbook Platform, we hope that a portion of our profits can be dedicated to efforts that contribute to society. Be it funding a charitable startup that aligns with our charitable cause, donating to charitable organizations, or even humanitarian aids. Of course, before this happens, we have to be accountable for every $DBK holder. The relationship is simple here, we, the founding team, do our very best to ensure $DBK holders benefit and remain sustainable, and when that happens, society has to benefit from Dbook Platform as well. If our $DBK holders do not benefit, it means we’re not sustainable as a business, and we can only give back to society for a limited period of time, or maybe not even once. However, if $DBK holders benefit, it means that we’re running a sustainable business, and that means we’ll be able to give back to society on a constant basis, building on what we truly believe in.

We’re going to be building a symbiotic relationship over here, between the team and the $DBK community, to benefit the society which belongs to everyone.

  • To achieve sustainability in the near future
  • Ensure the integrity of Dbook Platform towards our players and $DBK holders
  • To change the true meaning of decentralized, and working on the responsibility of a decentralized platform of the future.

Sometimes, when decentralization is mentioned, ‘irresponsibility’ is associated with it. That should not be the case, as every party should learn to be responsible for themselves, and of course, the decentralized platform should do its part to be a responsible service provider.

When we talk about decentralization, when you lose your wallet keys, you lose your assets. This is true, and personal responsibility needs to be adopted in order for decentralization protocols to work effectively.

Platforms, and service providers of decentralized services, should also be showing an example by providing transparency and clarity for users.

In Dbook Platform, we’re not fully decentralized from the beginning. We need our users to learn the importance and responsibility of being a part of a decentralized setup. From the importance of taking responsibility for one’s own asset to the rights and importance of voting, and even the importance of getting educated and knowledge of what’s happening in reality, instead of acting based on comments of others which might carry ulterior motives.

At the same time, Dbook Platform will need to be forward-thinking with regards to future roadmaps, gradually transforming Dbook Platform to be a self-sustaining and decentralized platform.

Currently, most communities in the cryptocurrency space behave and acts irrationally sometimes. It may be due to current trends, some FOMO mentality, or just misinformed communities. We hope that this can change, with the community having a clear understanding of what’s happening all the time without miscommunications. There’re enough victims in the cryptocurrency space, and affecting the name of decentralization in a bad way. And in Dbook, we hope to be a part of the solution, and not contributing to the problem.

And we’ll be ending this chapter with our quote used for this educational series —

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.”

Mark Twain

Thank you.