If you’re reading this, it means that some of you might have already received your testnet $DBK.

If you’ve received the $DBK on Kovan testnet, congratulations, and we hope you’ll enjoy the trial experience on Dbook Platform.

For others who did not receive their $DBK on Kovan, please follow our instructions properly.

In any case, we’ll proceed to introduce what we’re making available for the beta trial!

DSports Bot (@Dsportsbot)

Users will be able to interact with @Dsportsbot by entering /start

Some functions we will be including,

  • Balance

checks your balance

  • Deposit

Users will be able to mint Kovan’s TestnetDAI and deposit into the designated address to get more credits for Baccarat.

Interact with Kovan’s TestnetDAI smart contract here.

Users will need to ‘confirm’ deposit as well. So, please make sure your transaction is confirmed before confirming.

  • Withdraw

Users will be able to withdraw their credits to any address they wish.

Users can continue enjoying Baccarat here

Protocol Trial

Users with $DBK airdropped to them on the Kovan testnet can proceed to stake their $DBK when the staking period opens at 18th February 06:00 UTC.

1. Go to www.dbookplatform.com

2. Go to Stake page

3. Approve and stake your $DBK

Please note that, part of the protocol requires users to at least stake their $DBK for a full 24 hours.

We’ll be launching our bug bounty as well. More details of the bug bounty to be announced on the next post.

AMA Session

With the beta trial launched, the team will be happy to answer any questions the community might have regarding Dbook Platform.

The team will be answering 13 questions from the community. 3 best questions asked will be rewarded with 3 $DBK each, and the remaining 10 questions will each be rewarded with 1 $DBK each.

Send in your questions on https://forms.gle/SKg9QuXLaAakdWVWA. No emails or data of participants will be collected by the team.

AMA will be held on 19th February, 15:00 UTC.