In every startup, one of the worst fear is creating something that nobody wants to use. And when this happens, founders like myself will need to pivot fast, or risk sinking into oblivion and disappointing everyone in the community.

Dbook Platform has been a very good project, and by far, one of my favorite. There were many challenges from the start to the beginning, and even till now. …

Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well!

I’d like to thank everyone for being around, and reading our posts from the very start. It has been a long way for Dbook, with many ups and downs along the way.

The development of Dbook has been going smoothly, and we’re trying to accelerate some of our developments.

Staking has been going on for a few weeks on as well, and everyone in the community is slowly getting used to it.

Hence, from this point on, we will be concentrating solely on the development of our products as our DbookDAO capability…

Hello people! Another week of ongoing work, grind and hustle for everyone in Dbook.

Unfortunately, we had to delay the launch of our operations due to some discovered bugs which will prevent the operations from running smoothly. However, over the course of the last few weeks, a few ideas had sprung up as well, and this delay might allow us to work on some of the new ideas to make the overall product better from the beginning.

We also had our first official vote session on over the past weekend. That was an exciting milestone, even though not mentioned…

Hi everyone! We’ve been working tirelessly the past 3 weeks, getting things in order for our operation launch, the initial design of new products, and so on.

We’re nowhere near done, and this is just the start.

So, some of the stuff we’ve done quietly last week:

  1. Working on smart contract protocol as per the advice provided by our auditors.
  2. Some preparatory work and discussions on the launch of operations
  3. Designing and planning of new games launch in the near future
  4. Exploration of the prediction platform ideas and ways of implementation in the near future
  5. New fund guardians replacing the…

Staking, or some would call it ‘farming’ is becoming an integral part of all cryptocurrency and DeFi projects these days. It’s a good way to encourage holders to continue hodling their tokens, and also a good way to reward holders at the same time. Of course, there’re other benefits as well, as APY can sometimes be used to offset the opportunity cost, or even make a ‘bear’ market scenario more bearable for hodlers.

Of course, if you’ve not been living under a rock or a well, Dbook had partnered with Rocket Bunny last week, and every $DBK holder now can…

Hi everyone! So, if you’ve noticed, we had quite a few things going on last week! A few of them planned, and some of them unplanned surprises.

  1. $DBK Farming on Rocket Bunny — 11th June
  2. Release of vested DBK for IDO participants — 9th June
  3. Listed on CMC — Surprise! 7th June
  4. Testing of voting mechanism —

So I guess, We’ll just do a TLDR of all updates here!

$DBK Farming

Hi everyone! We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Rocket Bunny!


Rocket Bunny is a well-established cross-chain project in terms of development. They have developed many products on their own ecosystem, such as Rocket Drop, which we’ll be working with initially. They also have an upcoming product called Pocket Swap, which will enable leveraged liquidity for tokens listed on it. The native tokens of Rocket Bunny are $BUNNY and $PBOM. (ERC-20 and BEP-20)

Rocket Drop will be creating multiple farming pools rewarded $DBK. So, $DBK, $PBOM, and $PBOM LP holders will be able to stake their tokens and receive $DBK…

Hi everyone! Time for some updates!

It was a fairly messy week, even as the IDO concluded. Hopefully, we’ll be able to clean up everything in this post.

Result of IDO

We managed to raise 630 BNB out of the target 764.1 BNB. There was an initial miscalculation from the day of listing, and so, a portion of the proceeds was refunded to Crosspad.

And so, using this result, we’re 82.4% on our IDO and 17.6% short. With this result, we’ll be burning the unsold $DBK allocated for IDO, and 17.6% …

Hi everyone! Sorry, we’ve been busy with some urgent work after our IDO and didn’t promptly update the community on the latest status.

Now we’re here to provide a list of updates, on what’s happened, happening, and going to happen!

What happened?

  • Ended our IDO — we did not achieve our target, and so, we’ll be burning some leftover $DBK in the near future. More news will be announced.
  • Commenced some marketing initiatives early on by ensuring $DBK will be on as many places as possible, such as the popular CMC, CoinGecko, and others. …

Hi everyone! We’re in the midst of our IDO with CrossPad still at the moment. Currently at Phase 2, with a Phase 3 coming the next day, potentially ending the IDO achieving the hard cap.

Nonetheless, I’d like to address some issues, such as the BNB price changes before the IDO, and what we plan to do after the IDO.

Sharp decline of the cryptocurrency market on Sunday

With the sudden decline across the weekend, Dbook had made some calculations and decided that the IDO couldn’t be done with the original numbers due to the vast difference in $BNB price, from $391 earlier, to $250 and below when…

DbookDAO; Distributed Platform Ownership

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