Hi everyone! Hope everyone is doing well!

I’d like to thank everyone for being around, and reading our posts from the very start. It has been a long way for Dbook, with many ups and downs along the way.

The development of Dbook has been going smoothly, and we’re trying…

Hi everyone! We’ve been working tirelessly the past 3 weeks, getting things in order for our operation launch, the initial design of new products, and so on.

We’re nowhere near done, and this is just the start.

So, some of the stuff we’ve done quietly last week:

  1. Working on smart…

Hi everyone! We’re pleased to announce our partnership with Rocket Bunny!


Rocket Bunny is a well-established cross-chain project in terms of development. They have developed many products on their own ecosystem, such as Rocket Drop, which we’ll be working with initially. They also have an upcoming product called Pocket Swap…

Hi everyone! Time for some updates!

It was a fairly messy week, even as the IDO concluded. Hopefully, we’ll be able to clean up everything in this post.

Result of IDO

We managed to raise 630 BNB out of the target 764.1 BNB. There was an initial miscalculation from the day of listing…

Hi everyone! Sorry, we’ve been busy with some urgent work after our IDO and didn’t promptly update the community on the latest status.

Now we’re here to provide a list of updates, on what’s happened, happening, and going to happen!

What happened?

  • Ended our IDO — we did not achieve our target…

Hi everyone! We’re in the midst of our IDO with CrossPad still at the moment. Currently at Phase 2, with a Phase 3 coming the next day, potentially ending the IDO achieving the hard cap.

Nonetheless, I’d like to address some issues, such as the BNB price changes before the…

DbookDAO; Distributed Platform Ownership

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